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Mandatory CSTF Refresher

For for all healthcare professionals with prior experience

Care Certificate

For anyone new care and support workers or assistants, new to the job or field.

Physical Intervention

For anyone supporting positive behaviour and at risk of physical assault in the workplace.

Manual People Moving & Handling

For anyone wo wants to acquire or refresh safe patient moving and handling techniques

People Moving + First Aid

For professionals looking to acquire vital skills in patient mobility and life-saving techniques

Adult Basic Life Support (First Aid)

For anyone wo wants to acquire or refresh vital emergency life-saving skills

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Our Top Online Courses

Understanding Your Role, Personal Development, And Duty of Care

  • Operating in ways that your supervisor has approved
  • Knowing how to collaborate and understand working relationships in the social and health care sectors
  • Establishing a personal development strategy

Nutrition And Fluids

  • Describe the significance of consuming enough food and water to maintain health and well-being.
  • Recognize the telltale signs and symptoms of inadequate hydration and nutrition
  • Describe the best ways to encourage a healthy diet and exercise.

Infection Control

  • An overview of infection control and prevention
  • Why healthcare-associated infections require infection control and prevention
  • What is the ''chain of infection'' and how to break it.

Food Hygiene

  • Introduction to the laws governing food safety,
  • Reasons healthcare professionals should understand food hygiene,
  • Typical food dangers

Effective Communication

  • Provide an example of good communication in the healthcare industry.
  • Create a strategy for efficient communication.
  • Use listening and persuasion as part of your communication plan as a healthcare professional.

Medication Awareness

  • Medication Awareness
  • Medication Administration
  • Identification of prescribed medication
5h 55m

Fire Safety & Fire Marshal Training Course

  • Laws Regarding Fire
  • General causes of fire
  • The characteristics of fire
10h 35m

Safeguarding Children

  • How to respond if you're worried about a child's welfare
  • How to function as a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary team member
  • Recognize duties, responsibilities, and legal obligations.

Safeguarding Adults at Risk

  • Identify an adult who is at risk of being abused
  • Identify the signs and proof of abuse.
  • Recognize the elements that can make abuse more likely.
5h 30m

Mental Capacity Act And DOLS

  • The concepts of "mental well-being," and "mental disease".
  • The prevalence, trends, and disparities in mental health statistics
  • Perceptions toward mental illness and its stigma
12h 10m

COSHH Awareness

  • Conduct a COSHH risk analysis.
  • Recognize the many risk management techniques that can be used to manage the dangers that hazardous substances can pose.
6h 55m

Dementia Awareness

  • Describe dementia.
  • Managing dementia effectively
  • Engaging in conversation with dementia patients
5h 12m

Equality And Diversity

  • Describe the significance of inclusion and equality.
  • Be able to work in an inclusive way
  • Access information, advice, and support about diversity, equality, and inclusion
12h 30m

End Of Life Care

  • Definitions, Concepts, and the Specific Case of "Good" and "Bad" Hospital Dying
  • Community-Based Approaches to Dying and Modern Death
  • The Rise of Personalization, Choice, and Autonomy
8h 30m

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